St.Thomas Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church is the inspiration and the pioneer backup for the St. Thomas Charitable Trust. This challenging mission of St. Thomas Church began with only faith as its capital and we have experienced God’s concern on the job being carried out by His faithful stewards.

We, the Church extend the expression of God’s love to the humanity by virtue of bringing it into action, for which we have been guided by, the way…. to light the lamp and expel the darkness as much as we can. The strength…the Miraculous Grace of God Almighty.


Chronology of Events

1985 – Purchased land for the Church building.
1987 – Foundation stone laid, temporary building was constructed.
1988 – Renewed church was blessed.
1990 – Holy relics (Sunoro) of St. Mary was incepted and blessed in front of the church.
2012 – Foundation stone laid for the new Church building
2015 – New Church Holy Mooron Consectated